Rumored Pixel 7 Pro specs point to Tensor G2 chipset, no other upgrades Yahoo Sky

Incoming reports on the specs of the new Pixel 7 series are painting a picture of mild upgrades compared to the current Pixel 6 generation, which is nearly a year old at this point. Yesterday’s report focused on the Pixel 7, now it’s time to have a closer look at the Pixel 7 Pro model.

The switch to the Tensor G2 is expected, the new chip is allegedly bringing in GPU, NPU and modem improvements. Based on unconfirmed info from Yogesh Brar, the Pro model will be available in 12/128GB and 12/256GB configurations. There is no word on a 12/512GB model like the current phones – maybe Google axed it based on sales data or maybe the rumored info is incomplete.

Either way, the Pro phone is expected to have a similar 50MP main, 12MP ultra wide and 48MP telephoto setup as its predecessor, though the tele camera will allegedly use a new sensor, a Samsung GM1 stepping in to replace the Sony IMX586.

The selfie camera will have a subtle change as well – resolution will remain at 11MP, though the new module is expected to have autofocus (using a new Samsung 3J1 sensor).

Pixel 7 Pro in Obsidian
Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel
Pixel 7 Pro in Snow

Pixel 7 Pro in Obsidian, Hazel and Snow

Moving on, the display sounds the same as before – a 6.7” LTPO OLED panel with QHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. That will remain a major selling point over the FHD+ 90Hz display of the vanilla Pixel 7.

Finally, the battery will be basically the same with 5,000mAh capacity and support for 30W fast charging (though whether the phone actually hits 30W remains to be seen). Wireless charging will be supported on both Pixel 7 models.

It seems that a lot is riding on the Tensor G2 chip as it is the only major upgrade (and that is debatable, some might point out that it has basically the same CPU as the G1). Prices are expected to remain the same – $600 for a Pixel 7, $900 for a Pixel 7 Pro. Not a bad thing at a time of rising costs, but a cheaper Pixel 6/6 Pro might prove more attractive for some.


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